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Channel 9 EnGeneIC COVID vaccine news

Vaccine trials are showing promising results for EnGeneIC, a Sydney based biotech company. Their COVID-19 vaccine could be the first to offer immunity against all variants. Trials are currently underway at sites across Australia with early data indicating robust antibody responses with patients showing greater than 90% protection against all variants tested.

7NEWS - Australian made COVID vaccine that is a GAME-CHANGER

EnGeneIC develops world-first nanocellular anti-COVID-19 vaccine that defeats mutant viruses and stimulates a broad anti-viral response.

Worldwide Business - kathy ireland interviews Jennifer MacDiarmid

Jennifer MacDiarmid, Joint CEO, EnGeneIC Ltd was interviewed by Kathy Ireland for Worldwide Business which airs on Fox Business Network. EnGeneIC is an Australian Biotech company developing its nanocell technology for the targeted treatment of cancer with minimal toxicity while boosting immunity.

New Ammo In The War On Brain Cancer

There is some encouraging news in the battle against the deadliest form of brain cancer. It's an experimental drug that gets right to the tumor. CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports

For The Holy Grail

This story describes to history of the founding of EnGeneIC and the early research associated with the first proof of concept of the EDV technology.

EnGeneIC - EDV Drug Mediated Delivery

EnGeneIC - Reveals breakthrough technology. Cancer Targeting. EDV Technology.

Scientists closer to beating cancer

SYDNEY scientists have made a world breakthrough in the treatment of cancer that has potential to save tens of thousands of lives.

Lisa Poulos EnGeneIC Foundation Cancer Speech

Lisa Poulos speech at an EnGeneIC Foundation gala dinner.