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Loading & Targeting EDVs

Loading & Targeting EDV's

Drug or siRNA or miRNA packaging in EDV™ nanocells

A single 400nm EDV™ can be packed with up to 1 million molecules of an anticancer drug such as Doxorubicin or the extremely potent derivative of nemorubicin, PNU159682, which is unable to be used systemically as a clinical chemotherapeutic due to its severe toxicity. Animal and human studies have provided positive safety and efficacy data.

In addition, regulatory genetic molecules (siRNA/miRNA) can be loaded in therapeutically significant concentrations as demonstrated in animal and human trials.


Empty Nanocells

EDV loaded with drug,

siRNA or miRNA

Specific Targeting of EDVs to tumours

Payload-packaged EDV™ is coated with a bispecific antibody which attaches through antibody-antigen interaction to the EDV™ at one end and has specificity to cancer cells on the other end. The tumor targeting antibody can be changed depending on the type of cancer.

EDV loaded with drug,
siRNA or miRNA

Bispecific antibody-