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COVID-19 Trial - Healthy Volunteers

COVID-19 Trial FAQ

ENG12/COVID 19-EDV Vaccine Trial FAQ

Q: Is the COVID-EDV vaccine available to the general public?

A: The COVID-EDV vaccine is currently in Phase I of a clinical trial and can only be accessed by healthy volunteers over 18 years, recruited to trial sites.

Q: Where are COVID-EDV trials taking place?

A: The COVID-EDV vaccine trial is currently recruiting in Melbourne and Sydney with Perth soon to follow. Please contact the following email address for recruitment enquiries:

[email protected]

Q: Who can participate in the COVID-EDV trial?

A: The study will enroll healthy volunteers who are 18 years, or older. Volunteers will be unvaccinated or not have received any COVID vaccine 4 months previously. Volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 infection must wait 4 months before being eligible.

If you are healthy and you do not have medical conditions listed in eligibility criteria, then you may be eligible to participate in the trial.

For eligibility criteria check link below.


Q: Can I participate in the COVID-EDV trial if I have cancer or a disease that compromises my immune system?

A: COVID-EDV trial will recruit healthy individuals. However, as soon as COVID-EDV has proved safe in healthy people, we will progress to a trial for immune-compromised people, particularly in cancer patients

Q: Is the COVID-EDV vaccine mRNA or adenovirus-based vaccine?

A: Neither. EnGeneIC’s vaccine uses its platform EDVTM (EnGeneIC Dream Vector) technology. EDVs are non-living “nanocells” carrying COVID-19 spike protein. The nanocell is further engineered to stimulate innate and adaptive immunity against SARS-CoV-2 virus via a completely different pathway. COVID-EDV vaccine comes with spike protein pre-packaged and does not use your body’s own cells to synthesize the spike protein.

Q: Is COVID-EDV pathogenic?

A: EnGeneIC EDV nanocells are non-pathogenic and are unable to infect nor replicate within your body. COVID-EDV vaccine does not contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. It has no ability to recreate SARS-CoV-2 virus in your body and it cannot make you sick with COVID-19.

Q: Does COVID-EDV vaccine contain fetal calf serum (FCS) or other animal-derived products?

A: COVID-EDV vaccine does not contain fetal calf serum (FCS), nor any other products of animal origin.

Q: Does COVID-EDV vaccine contain Foetal Cells, Human Embryonic Kidney Cells (HEKs) or other human-derived products?

A: COVID-EDV vaccine does not contain nor utilise HEKs, nor does it contain any other products of human origin.

Q: Does COVID-EDV vaccine contain preservatives/additives?

A: COVID-EDV vaccine does not contain any preservatives/additives. It is packaged as a dry powder and is made up prior to injection with sterile water.