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EDV Quick Facts


EDV™ Quick Facts

Platform technology for all cancer types

The EDVTM technology is a platform, so can go after virtually any tumor.

Indeed, the tumor targeting antibody attached to the EDV can be changed, depending on type of cancer, and EnGeneIC has built many targeting antibodies, including CD-19 for B-cell lymphoma, asialo-glycoprotein for liver cancer, and anti-ganglioside G2 for melanoma and neuroblastoma. In current trials, EDVs are targeted to a receptor called EGFR which is found on 70% of all sorts of solid tumors.

Targeted EDVs carrying different payloads have shown dramatic increase in survival for mesothelioma, pancreatic and brain cancer patients.

Safe in human trials

The EDVTM has a remarkable safety profile in patients with late-stage solid tumors with no serious adverse events reported across a number of human trials whether delivering chemotherapeutic drugs or functional nucleic acids.

Many patients received between 15 to 45 repeat doses with no ill effects. Safety is predicated on the fact that the EDV is 400nm in size and while it is small enough to escape the blood stream through the leaky blood vessels around a tumor, it cannot enter normal tissues. Also, EDVs do not carry DNA from the parent bacteria, so can't reproduce or cause disease.

NewsFlash!! EDVs for pandemics

EDVs can deliver interferon-stimulating molecules together with a payload of COVID19 spike protein to make the world’s only therapeutic vaccine. Especially promising for vulnerable patients such as those who are immune-suppressed, have co-morbidities or are older. These are the same people who may not respond well to vaccination.

Importantly EDVs don’t require a cold chain like other vaccines and can be shipped around the world and stored at room temperature.

EDV's can easily address mutant COVID strains.

Versatile platform to address cancer-drug resistance

EDV™ can carry many different anti-cancer agents including more potent drugs that can’t be infused systemically, functional nucleic acids such as plasmid DNA, siRNA or miRNA, as well as immune-stimulating adjuvants. This means that even late stage patients with drug-resistant tumours can derive benefit.

No EDV™ modifications are necessary for each therapeutic, unlike what is required to package drugs in liposomal, nanoparticle and polymer vectors.

Stimulates an anti-tumor immune response

The EDVTM stimulates an innate immune response in its own right since it is derived from bacteria.

Importantly, when it is “drug” loaded and targeted directly to the tumor, it stimulates an adaptive immune response which generate immune cells with a memory. EDVs carrying an immune stimulating adjuvant can be added to augment the total immune response.

Easy to load and store

The process of payload packaging is easily and quickly accomplished in our pilot scale manufacturing facility

EDV™ can be dehydrated to a powder (lyophilised), permitting storage for at least 2 years without loss of activity.

Delivers unprecedented payload quantities

Up to ~ 1 million drug molecules can be packaged per EDV™ and ~10,000 siRNA/miRNA molecules per EDV or ~ 100 copies of plasmid per EDV. Each of these concentrations have been found to be therapeutically effective against human tumors in mouse, canine and human studies.