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Cancer In Dogs

Cancer In Dogs

Dogs with naturally occurring Brain Tumors

EnGeneIC has evaluated the safety and efficacy of EGFR targeted, doxorubicin loaded EDVTM nanocells (EGFR-EDV-Dox) to deliver doxorubicin to spontaneous and late stage brain tumors in 17 companion dogs; a comparative oncology model for human brain cancers.
EGFR-EDV-Dox were administered weekly via intravenous injection to 17 dogs with late-stage brain cancers. Using single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), an anti-tumor response was observed. EDVs rapidly localized to the core of brain tumors and complete resolution or marked tumor regression (>90% reduction in tumor volume) were observed in 23.53% of the cohort, with lasting anti-tumor responses characterized by remission in three dogs for more than two years. No adverse clinical, hematological or biochemical effects were observed with repeated administration of EGFR-EDV-Dox. 

These findings were proof-of-principle demonstration of the potential for clinical applications of targeted, doxorubicin-loaded EDVsā„¢ for the effective treatment of patients with brain cancer.

PLoS One 11: 1-23 (2016)