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Ilya Sedliarou

Ilya Sedliarou, Ph.D.

EDV Targeting Antibody Research

Ilya is a group leader at EnGeneIC Ltd and has 10 years of drug discovery and antibody engineering experience, where he developed, characterized and manufactured bispecific antibodies for targeting cytotoxic-drug or siRNA or miRNA-packaged EDVs to different cancers. His work covers research, translational and regulatory areas to move a product through various phases of drug development. He supervised several key antibody projects, some of which entered the clinic in USA and Australia (clinical trial identifiers NCT02766699, NCT02687386, NCT02369198). In this role, Ilya also collaborates with major external biotechnology, CMO and academic partners. He obtained his PhD degree in Molecular Biology from Atomic Bomb Diseases Institute, Nagasaki University in Japan and a Medical Degree from Gomel State Medical University, Belarus, USSR.