Dr Nancy Mugridge

Dr Nancy Mugridge, Ph.D.

VP, Pharma Alliances

Nancy is a long standing member of the EnGeneIC team. She earned her Ph.D in Molecular Parasitology (University of Technology, Sydney), which was highlighted by various publications and a Dean’s list Award for best thesis. She has been instrumental in breakthrough research experiments in the genetic construction of EDV-producing mutant bacterial strains, development of methodology for packaging drugs/siRNAs/miRNAs into EDVs, breakthrough studies in development of bispecific antibody targeting of EDVs to tumor cells, seminal studies in intracellular trafficking of EDVs in tumor cells and conducting critical experiments associated with canine brain cancer and lymphoma and guiding research staff with experimental design. The breadth of knowledge she has gained over the years has enabled her to effectively manage Pharma/Biotech and academic alliances at EnGeneIC.